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Windows Phone 8 Development: Are You Ready for the Third Ecosystem?

Posted By Sunil Jagani  on 2. February 2014 23:19

While the iPhone is king in North America and many parts of the world, the Windows Phone 8 is not out. In fact, the smartphone is outselling iOS devices in poorer countries and growing rapidly in Europe and India as well. Microsoft has created initiatives encouraging developers to create new apps to add to its 100,000 app library. More and more developers are jumping on the Windows Phone wagon.

What does this mean to your organization? For starters, with millions of Windows Phones in the hands of new users there is an untapped market to explore. Huge growth and potential for app sales on the device is projected that you can take advantage of.

Rather than navigate through the often hopelessly competitive iPhone or Android market, the Windows Phone 8 presents a great opportunity for discoverability and usage. Less competition means higher rankings, and higher rankings means greater profitability. Developers have taken notice and Windows Phone app development is surging.

Common Obstacles with Windows Phone 8 Development

However, the development process is not without a set of extra hurdles. It can be more difficult to find the right Windows app development company. Compared with iOS and Android, there are comparatively fewer resources available in the Windows environment. On top of that, due to its somewhat recent entry in the market, there are some hardware, software or feature limitations to deal with. These limitations may not be as common with iOS, Android, or Blackberry. Finally, since there are less people developing for the device, there is less development help available (in the form of forums or blog posts). Because of this, it is often best to find an experienced development team that is well-acquainted with the Microsoft Windows Environment.

Benefits with Windows Phone 8 Development

One of the main advantages of developing for this new ecosystem is the enterprise and multi-platform capabilities. This is because most of the same code base can be used for the Windows 8 Desktop app store. Games for Microsoft’s Xbox console and PC games can be extended to its Phones as well.

For this reason, many leading companies are already making their apps available on the Windows 8 Phone, such as Mint, Pandora, Netflix, Instagram, Vine, and Waze. Microsoft has most of in-demand apps covered and the most famous apps in the market include: Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Cut the Rope, Words with Friends, and Facebook. However, the experience hasn’t reached its full potential and many of the basic apps are said to be missing a feature or two. So there is still plenty of opportunity for developers to create in-demand apps.

Why It Pays to Outsource

As stated earlier, outsourcing app development is often a good idea due to hardware, software, and feature limitations and scarcity of resources and information. For most organizations, there are several compelling reasons to outsource development:

  • No overhead of finding and building the expertise in-house.
  • Most key details and backend processes have been hashed out by experienced developers.
  • An experienced team is already aware of the existing libraries and reusable code.
  • If your app exists on another platform, there is a better return on investment in outsourcing to Windows 8 rather than relearning how to develop the app in that environment.

How Can AllianceTek Help?

AllianceTek is on the forefront of Windows mobile application development with an established record of success and valuable expertise.

AllianceTek can assist you in developing apps for:

  • Dynamic CRM
  • Social networking
  • SharePoint
  • Business Intelligence

And more…

Part of our success comes from understanding both the business and technical end of app development. Before we begin development, we take the time to understand the purpose and motivation of your app in order to make sure the framework and our development approach is best for your budget and for the performance of the app. For example, apps that require less technical backup, we simplify porting by using PhoneGap, which ensures good performance and cost efficiency. This choice of framework and development approach prepares AllianceTek to meet the challenge of more technically advanced Windows Mobile Apps.

AllianceTek understands the business end of using the Windows App Store as well and can take your app from concept to marketplace.

If you are interested in outsourcing development of a Windows Phone 8 app, please contact AllianceTek to arrange for a discussion.

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Sunil Jagani

Sunil JaganiBecause he believes processes and systems grease the engine that creates business prosperity, Sunil Jagani founded AllianceTek in 2004. The inspiration for AllianceTek came as he ascended from technician to Senior Technical Lead in companies from Bisys to Advanta. He discovered that companies struggle to reap maximum benefits from information technology due to gaps in development teams’ skill sets. AllianceTek is now that ideal team.

Sunil is an avid golfer—and, yes, he has a system to assure his weekend tee-time is booked before anything else.  Read More>>

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