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Stress-free work environment – How can IT organizations achieve it?

Posted By Sunil Jagani  on 22. July 2013 03:45

Achieving Stress-Free Work Environment in an IT organization

Stress and work have a paradoxical relationship. Stress at workplace is a big obstacle in business growth. Today IT organizations are increasingly facing this grave challenge on how to keep a stress-free work environment. At AllianceTek, we gauged and analyzed different facets of stress situations in the workplace and implemented significant steps in order to create a stress-free workspace.

Implications of Work-Related Stress

First, we must know that stress is not an illness, but a temporary mental state where a person feels pressurized due to unpleasant and unmanageable circumstances.

Some amount of stress is associated almost with any work irrespective of sector, organization or job role and is positive for the people and organization both to achieve their goals. On the contrary, excessive and continued work stress has its negative implications which results in higher attrition rate, employee dissatisfaction, employee health issues, lower productivity which ultimately impacts organization growth.

The Root Cause of Stress

Generally, work-related stress in IT industry occur due to reasons like,

  1. Excessive work pressure.
  2. Working outside their skillset resulting into inability to perform.
  3. Lack of clarity of roles.
  4. Unhealthy working atmosphere.
  5. Career growth.
  6. Fear of getting fired.

All this leads to the feeling of incompetence in performing the given job role among employees.

Building a Stress-Free Workplace:

A better workplace is built up with a structured work process, better incentives and increased employee work satisfaction. In order to create a stress-free workplace, IT organizations can adopt changes like,

  • Establishing clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • Tasks should be allocated based on their skills.
  • Team, as well as, individual performance appreciation is a good motivation factor.
  • Effective communication is the key to resolve many issues.
  • Feasibility of CFT (Cross-Functional Team) should be checked.
  • Effective management & team co-ordination through implementation of agile development methodology.

Policies that help create a stress-free work environment in an IT company:

AllianceTek recommends below steps to any IT organization in order to create a stress-free work environment. By implementing below steps AllianceTek has significantly reduced workplace stress.

  • Paid time relaxation, so that employees can freshen up and spend time with their family after working under continuous stress to meet client deadlines
  • Flexible working hours or work from home facility that encourages efficiency and motivates employees to perform their best.
  • Motivational perks such as performance incentive, gift vouchers, etc.
  • Social activities such as get-together, picnics, etc. along with work.
  • Monthly knowledge sharing sessions to keep employees skills updated.
  • Team hang-outs to improve relationship and gelling among team
  • Frequent and effective communication between employee and management
  • Competitive compensation package as per market slabs which helps employee in career growth

Apart from the above, there are other benefits that help the organization to gain better employee retention. The implementation can cost higher but it can provide a better ROI and improved productivity.

  • Providing social support and implementing programs that assist employees with workplace, personal and health problems.
  • Female employees can be incentivized with a financial assistance and child care leaves with on-going employment.
  • Allow employees to take out time to volunteer in communities can highly motivate them.
  • Employees on medical leaves can be provided with decent compensation. Providing work assistance or delegating the tasks in their absence is also a good idea.

About the Author

Sunil Jagani

Sunil JaganiBecause he believes processes and systems grease the engine that creates business prosperity, Sunil Jagani founded AllianceTek in 2004. The inspiration for AllianceTek came as he ascended from technician to Senior Technical Lead in companies from Bisys to Advanta. He discovered that companies struggle to reap maximum benefits from information technology due to gaps in development teams’ skill sets. AllianceTek is now that ideal team.

Sunil is an avid golfer—and, yes, he has a system to assure his weekend tee-time is booked before anything else.  Read More>>


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